Our team

As part of our team of nine enthusiasts, we’re pushing back the boundaries of aerial mobility by designing and developing a new kind of drone: omnidirectional propulsion drones. We are proud to introduce you to the key members of our team and their specific skills:

  • Our founders, trained as mechatronics engineers, share their futuristic vision around the creation of the world’s first omnidirectional drones. Their passion for technological innovation is the driving force behind our company.
  • Our Mechani cal, Structural and Materials engineer: This specialized engineer plays an essential role in the design and manufacture of our drones. His in-depth knowledge of materials and structures guarantees the lightness, strength and durability of our products.
  • Our Embedded Systems engineer is responsible for developing the software and electronics that make our platforms modular and integrable for our customers. – Our Robotics engineer pushes the limits of aerial automation by designing autonomous, intelligent drones for omnidirectional flight. Thanks to his skills in advanced robotics, our drones can achieve unprecedented maneuverability, offering unrivalled freedom of movement.
  • Our Doctor of Aerodynamics is a proven expert, providing invaluable expertise in optimizing the aerodynamic performance of our omnidirectional drones. Thanks to his extensive experience in turbomachinery and his in-depth knowledge of aerodynamics, he guarantees maximum flight efficiency.
  • Our Automation Engineer specializes in the automation of aerial systems, and creates the unique and complex servo-controls for our hypermaneuverable machines. Thanks to his expertise, our drones can fly agilely, reactively and safely.
  • Our Embedded Systems student provides technical support to our team in electronics and programming. Under the supervision of our experienced Embedded Systems Engineer, he contributes to the continuous innovation of our omnidirectional drones.
  • Our Communication and Marketing intern plays a key role in promoting our omnidirectional drones. She is responsible for spreading our unique and captivating message, highlighting the benefits and applications of our revolutionary products.

Together, sharing a common passion for technological innovation and aeronautics, we are pushing back the boundaries of aerial mobility.
Our omnidirectional drones open up new possibilities in the industrial inspection, offshore and defense sectors.