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First 100% omnidirectional propulsion technology

Discover a technology that enables the creation of flying platforms

ultra-fast, ultra-maneuverable

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AERIX SYSTEMS develops and manufactures a new gyroscope-based omnidirectional propulsion system that boosts drone performance with specific flight characteristics:

Omnidirectional propulsion

Omnidirectional platform


Strength and stability

The omnidirectional platform facilitates control and intervention (e.g. offshore) thanks to its high resistance to the elements, while precision contact measurements thanks to its stability and manoeuvrability à 360°

Active and secure technology

The platform provides new means of observation and measurement and measurements (boat hulls, airplane wings or buildings) using passive and active passive and active technology insensitive to air intakes and shipboard effects

A complex and erratic trajectory

Technology can enhance civil and military response methods by by optimizing movements according to environmental characteristics, terrain and mission characteristics


An omnidirectional drone range with new features

  • Take-off and landing
    in any orientation
  • High flight safety
  • Hypermanoeuvrability
  • Edge-on and inverted flight
  • Omnidirectional flight
    (360° pitch, roll and yaw stability)
  • Instant trajectory
    correction / erratic flight

200 km/h

1 m
Turning radius 0-200 m/h

2,5 s
0 to 200 m/h

100 km/h
Wind resistance

1 m / 1m

2,5 kg

35 mn

Plug & Play
Ergonomic system